Transport Refrigerant Handling

Level 3 Award in Cargo Refrigerant Handling (EC842-2006) (QCF) Qualification Ref: 600/1954/2

The purpose and aim of this qualification is to qualify individuals (working with automotiverefrigerated cargo systems) to meet the European Union F gas regulations (Commission Regulation EC 842/2006). This qualification is also suitable for competent cargo refrigeration technicians who have completed a previous qualification, which can include ‘in-house’ training. Individuals must have a good understanding of components and system operation, to carry out procedures relating to air conditioning & refrigeration systems.

Need for F Gas Training

In order to legally recover F-gas (fluorinated greenhouse gas, R134a & R404a) from automotive refrigerated cargo systems, all technicians must have achieved (as a minimum requirement) a refrigerant handling qualification, meeting the EU F-gas regulations.

Refrigerant Handling Qualification

Designed to meet minimum legal requirements and includes a 3 hour training and update training session, prior to the paper based written test practical assessment.

Covers:  Legislation, Health & Safety, Basic working principles, System design and good working practices.

On successful completion of the assessment the delegate receives an IMI Certificate recognised throughout the EU.

A 32 page workbook is sent to the delegate prior to the day, allowing the delegate time to gain knowledge and confidence before the assessment

Courses are limited to 6 delegates per day to ensure maximum participation for each individual delegate.

Training Entry Requirements

The selection criteria for entry should take into account each applicants existing academic/vocational qualifications and experience. Individuals should already have a basic knowledge of the operation of goods chilling and freezing systems containing fluorinated greenhouse gases in automotive refrigerated cargo systems, the environmental impact of fluorinated greenhouse gas refrigerants, the corresponding environmental regulations, and procedures for environment friendly recovery of fluorinated greenhouse gases.

Qualification Structure

The Award is made up of 1 unit that covers topics that are derived from the European Union F gas regulations (Commission Regulation EC 842/2006 and the later Annex to Commission Regulation EC 307/2008).

In order to pass and achieve certification of the Award, learners must achieve the unit’s   learning outcomes, by completing the underpinning knowledge assessment criteria consisting of an IMI Awards theoretical and practical assessment.

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